"Nothing more impressive than an intellectual and spiritual approach to seeking truth and a willingness to embrace it unconditionally."

Saturday, August 21, 2010

October 11-19 I will be preaching a youth conference in Kingston, Jamaica. I have never been to the Caribbean, so I am very excited about going. I am really looking forward to the worship services; I love the Jamaican way of worshiping. I will have several preacher friends going with me to keep me company, although they will not be a valid substitute for my wife.

I will really miss my wife. I will be gone for a total of 11 days on this trip. I will especially miss her while in Jamaica. The reason that I will miss her so much is I expect those days in Jamaica to be some of the best days that I have ever had, and I always like to share those times with my wife.

I am going to be doing a lot of doctrinal preaching (by request): Theology and Ecclesiology, as well as other topics. I look forward to preaching to those hungry young people as they seek to know God better.

I met the pastor of the church in Kingston while we were both preaching a conference together in the New England states. I also look forward to again seeing some of the other Jamaican pastors that I met in that conference. Can barely wait! I will be posting pictures here and on Facebook while I am there.