"Nothing more impressive than an intellectual and spiritual approach to seeking truth and a willingness to embrace it unconditionally."

Photos of Family & Friends

Dana & I
We were preaching Revival At Bro. Flosser's church

Our Son, John Alexander.  This is him at 1 week old. 

This is Alex at 17 months old. 

This is Baileigh, 
our first foster daughter.  I love and miss her so much.

My Parents: Johnny & Iris Carroll
The greatest evangelist of all time

My In-Laws and Nephew Cameron

Daniel "The Man" McDonald
 Great friend, incredible preacher and King of the One-Liner

Brian Williams
The best organist in the world and a tremendous preacher

Patrick Donahue
Church of Christ friend that I have debated a few times.

Thomas Thrasher
Church of Christ friend that I have debated

Me preaching @ McDonald's church.