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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Pentecost Prevails

I am blessed to have one of the greatest Apostolic evangelists as my father. He may not be as flashy as most, but he is the most diligent man of prayer that I have ever known. As a result of great prayer, he is a man of great faith. I never cease to be amazed at his walk with God.

He has revolutionized more churches, saints and ministries than life will ever reveal. While he has preached his share of conferences, it is not his claim to fame. When a pastor calls my father for revival he only wants two things: 1 Someone to help promote a real spirit of pray in his assembly. 2 Someone who can move sinners and help pray them through.

On another blog at some later time I will share some of the incredible stories about my father and his revivals, but I post this blog only to share that in 2009 he saw about 219 people receive that baptism of the Holy Ghost. He saw 48 in one revival and 65 in another! If you have not heard my father preach or had him to your church, if you are a pastor, you owe it to yourself to so do.

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