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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Prophecy: Who Cares? Part 1

The subject of eschatology[1] is a topic of much debate and confusion. As a result of this, many just give up on the subject all together. They view the symbols and imagery of the book of Revelation as impossible to understand. It is often joked: “I am pan-trib. I am just going to see how it all pans out.”

Is the subject of biblical prophecy important for us to know? Yes, or it would not have been included in the sacred text. Is the book of Revelation the one book of the New Testament that is expendable? No, the book of Revelation is just as important as every other book of the Bible.

There is a way to understand the book of Revelation. This, however, should not be done with a Bible in one hand and a newspaper in the other. There are approximately 250 citations in the book of Revelation from the Old Testament, and even more allusions. In order to understand the book of Revelation one must have an understanding of Old Testament language.

Proper hermeneutics is the key to understanding of the prophecies of the book of Revelation. That proper hermeneutic is “letting the Bible interpret the Bible.” It is its own best commentary.

[1] any system of doctrines concerning last, or final, matters, as death, the Judgment, the future state, etc."eschatology." Dictionary.com Unabridged. Random House, Inc. 25 May. 2011.