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Monday, April 30, 2012

Debate Firsts

I have had a lot of debate firsts: My first debate. My first oral debate. My first written debate. My first godhead debate. My first Eternal security debate. My first communion debate. My first baptism debate. My first impeccability debate. My first marriage and divorce debate. My first debate with a Church of Christ. My first debate with a Baptist. My first debate to be a moderator. I am sure that the list could go on, but last in the Weatherly-Pendergrass debate was another first.


Thursday night of the debate I called a point of order 4-5 times and it was ignored by both the debater (Kevin Pendergrass) and his moderator (David Fanning).  I have never seen this happen in any debate.  Unprecedented!

Their excuse was that they did not think that they were breaking any rules so they did not have to acknowledge our point of order.  Any time a point of order is called by the other team you owe them the courtesy of acknowledging their grievance.  If they had call a point of order we would have given them the respect they deserved as out opponents.  It was disrespectful to say the least. 


  1. Brothers, lay down your swords...go on and pray for one another. Worship God Almighty in Spirit and Truth. Let Him, enlighten with correct doctrine and truth.

  2. Is your point that we should not reason from the scriptures with those that we disagree with? If so, then you are missing a lot of your New Testament.

  3. @Joe: While I agree that the Church of Christ is Christian in the broad sense of the word as it refers to people who on some level follow the teachings of Christ, I do not believe that they have obeyed the gospel.

  4. I was amazed when this happened. I was watching it live via Ustream. Pendergrass even looked in your direction as you repeatedly called for the point of order. Is this the one who even claims to be the greatest Church of Christ debater of the 21st Century?