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Monday, December 19, 2016

Perspectives on Preaching: Feel the Burn

When God gives you a word, it never comes alone. It always comes with a time and a place to speak it. God always speaks to his preachers so he can speak through his preachers. But God doesn't always release us to speak it immediately. Sometimes he wants it to burn in us like his word in Jeremiah (20:9). When we allow the word to burn in us until we cannot contain, then it makes us a willing vessel to speak all of what God has spoken. Because his word is like a fire, it will burn out impure motives, fleshly ambitions and carnal wisdom. 

Some words are too big for us to grasp the magnitude of what God is wanting to say the moment he gives it to us. When we let it burn in us, then it consumes every detail of our being (body, soul and spirit). We don't just preach it from the head; it will explode from the heart. So, don't become impatient if God has given you a word and you have no place to speak it at the moment. God knows how to let it burn in you for the right amount of time until he prepares the right place.

Young preachers don't try to force out a word before its time. If you do, then it will not have maximum effectiveness. God has your best interest in mind by giving you a word and letting it burn in you until you feel like you will explode before you get it out. Just rest in the fact that if God gave you the word, then he will make the appointment for you to speak it. In the meantime, Feel the Burn!


  1. Reverend, so true. I was just talking to some young men in our church about this very same thing. Some messages God gives , just begin to roll over inside you. As you said, they burn inside of you. Sometimes it's a part of a verse, or even a small phrase, but you can't think about anything else. It keeps rollin over inside of you, and God begins to reveal things to you. You'll be driving down the road, and God just begins to talk to your heart. Thanks for confirming what I have experienced. Appreciate these posts!

  2. Thank you so much for your encouraging feedback.