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Monday, May 31, 2010

A Memorable Memorial Day

On a day when most Americans, at least the ones with good sense, are grilling out I am eating at a vegan restaurant. It is un-American I tell you! While normal Americans are eating hotdogs, pork steaks, steaks and hamburgers, I am stuck eating tofu. It is neither American nor Christian.

But, that is what I was more than willing to do for my father, who is a strict vegan. Actually it was not all that bad. Some of it is really good. While I still prefer a beef burger over soy, it can be made to taste really good. They also have a burger patty made out of nuts that is excellent.

The first vegan restaurant that I ate at, Spiral Diner & Bakery, I said to the smiling, light-loafered waiter, "I'll take a ribeye medium well." His liberal, new age grin swiftly disappeared and in return I garnered a very intolerant glare. I think possibly the Lord may have wanted me to stand up and yell, "Long live George W. Bush," but instead I allowed my allergic reaction to pain to lock my jaw. Being that my dad is so weak and frail from not eating meat, he would not have been able to help me fight my way out of the mess that I would have gotten into. :)


  1. I am also on the vegan diet since January. I particularly like "Hallelujah Acres" dieting, but I am not perfect with it yet....but getting REALLY close. I haven't had meat since January, haven't had any caffeine, sugar, or animal products save for MINIMAL encounters with some cheese and salt/sugar in some store bought products. I feel a TON better and have lost a lot of weight. Many of my health concerns have disappeared. I had no idea your dad was a strict vegan, but it is not as bad as many think, as your dad can attest. God Bless you my brother, thanks for the blog. See ya round!

  2. Elder Self:

    You are right about the benefits of this sort of diet. It cured a cancer in my father's body. If he had not gone on this diet he would already be dead. I am so thankful that he did. He loves Hallelujah Acres!

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