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Monday, May 17, 2010

The Necessary Risk of Maturity

Christian maturity, like infant maturity, comes with inherent risks. It is inevitable that a maturing infant is going to fall and scratch a knee, bloody a nose, or possibly worse in many attempts to walk. But the damage caused by trapping the child in perpetual infancy is much worse than bloody noses or scratched knees. It is not the normal course of life for a child to advance in age, but not maturity. It is better for the child to experience all of the hurts and pains of life than to mentally remain an infant while physically becoming an adult.

When it comes to our walk with God, let us mature, even at the risk of a few mistakes. It is better that we fail on our way to spiritual maturity than to perpetuate spiritual infancy, and never fall down and scrape our knees. Let's grow up in Christ in all things, and allow the Spirit to mature us.


  1. Glad I stumbled onto this :-) . It is very good and true!

    Tim Pixler