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Monday, June 7, 2010

Doing Flips?

It's 5:45 am on Air Tran flight 623, from DFW to BMI, when a group of school kids on a history trip to Washington D.C. board the plane. One of the young ladies is seated next to me; I am in the middle seat in the row, and she is seated next to the window. Early on I became aware that this was her first time flying. She is approximately 13 years old, and very nervous. She is holding a pink elephant of the stuffed animal variety very tightly.

As we take off and get in the air, every time the plane banks for a turn she becomes visibly afraid. It was in one of those turns that I look at her and said, "just wait till they do the flips." With wide eyes and fearful heart she replies, "they're gonna do flips?" Then with remorseful heart and a giggle in my voice informed her that I was only joking.

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