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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Our Foster Son

My wife and I took in a one month old baby boy this morning around 11:30 am. We have fallen in love with him already and its only 5:23 pm. He has been abused by someone, not sure who or how. He has fractured ribs, and two broken legs. It is amazing how a 1 month old with broken legs can walk into your heart. While we don't know what the outcome of his case will be, so far as adoption is concerned, we feel blessed to have the opportunity to love and nurse him back to health.

We have had three little girls, and still have the first one that was placed with us, but this is our first boy and we are excited about having him. It was especially exciting to have my parents in town when we got him. They are also taken by his story and have fallen in love with him.

He is a chunk. At a month old he is wearing the same size diapers that our 17 month old foster daughter is wearing. At this rate, in a couple weeks or so we will be sharing suits. He has a prophet's name, so maybe if I let him wear my suits I will get a prophet's reward. I don't mind though because he has some really cool pj's that I can't wait to wear!

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