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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Library: Glen Carbon, IL

I am at my favorite library here in Glen Carbon, IL. I am hoping to print off a set of notes for a lesson that I want to teach at my father-in-law's church tonight. I also sent a friend the forward to a book that he wrote. The title is, "Calling on the Name of Jesus." It is going to be a great book. It is a response to the modern Church of Christ view of silent (no formula) baptism. They argue that nothing has to be said when someone is baptized.

Jason does an excellent job rebutting this view. His book was birthed out of years of study in preparation for a number of debates over the last two decades. I think that he does the best job of any of the Oneness Pentecostals in defending the baptismal formula in public debate. I am excited about people getting to read this book.

You can also listen to the Weatherly-Reeves debate on the baptismal formula online. http://www.hwy65churchofchrist.org/Debates/ReevesWeatherlyDebate/tabid/98/Default.aspx

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  1. Bro. Carroll:

    Long time no "see". In case you might remember the screen name OGIA, that's me.

    Is there anyway to get CDs of all of the recordings of the Reeves - Weatherly Debates? I see it was 4 nights and would love to have all portions on CD.

    Thank you,
    John Sacker