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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Trip To Jamaica

I am really excited about the upcoming trip to Kingston, Jamaica. I am going for a week of doctrinal teaching and preaching. I will be presenting on the Oneness of God as well as other related topics: I am going to be preaching about the Church. I plan to teach one of the evenings about doctrine itself. I want to give a biblical definition of doctrine and discuss its essential value to the church.

It is an increasingly popular attitude among Christians to reject doctrine. There are those who teach against teaching doctrine. Ironically to teach against doctrine is a doctrine; it is the "anti-doctrine" doctrine. It is impossible to escape doctrine. So, we seek to teach doctrine that is in line with the Word.

I look forward to meeting the congregation in Kingston as I have never been there. I also look forward to being in their beautiful city and worshiping with the Apostolic saints of Jamaica.

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