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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Trip To Jamaica: Final Update

Jamaica was a wonderful experience. I was incredibly moved by the worship and services. Some of the most powerful and sincere worship I have experienced. There was one particular lady who sang, "Alabaster Box," and it was fantastic. I was moved to tears!

The people of Jamaica are very kind and hospitable people. They lavished us with gifts and kindness. I want to say that I count it an honor to call these people friends. I love Pastor Stewart. They were very complimentary of the preaching, as well as very attentive.

The country of Jamaica is beautiful. We drove a route from Kingston to Ochos Rios that was incredible. It was incredible in more than one way: The scenery was beautiful. The roads were narrow, and the driving was scary.

I plan to go again next year. I really enjoyed it. Also had a great time with my friends who went with me. Over all it was a great experience, including eating goat.

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