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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Trip To Jamaica: Update 1

I am really excited about leaving in the morning on my trip to Jamaica. I am making a 3 day stop in Ohio to preach for a friend there who will also be accompanying me, as well as two other ministers from his church, on my Jamaican journey. I will be preaching 11 times in about 8-9 days, so it is going to be a busy week and a half.

I hope to get in a little sight seeing while I am there. Not sure how that I going to work out as I will be in church at least once a day. Either way it is going to be a blast. I am believing God for great things.

The negative side is that I am going to be missing my family really bad. I am going to miss "The Great One," our 2 week old foster son, as well as Lil Red. Most of all I am going to miss my wonderful wife. Oh yeah, my in-laws are going to be in town. They are probably glad that I am going to be gone, but I will miss seeing them as well.

I will be taking a camera and snapping lots of pictures which I will be posting here. I will be posting pictures of the services as well as the scenery. Maybe even a few video clips of the music. I love the Jamaican way of Praising God. They are great people!

Not to mention I am flying my air line of choice, AA. So, I will be getting frequent flyer miles! All things considered this is about to be a fantastic week!!!!!!!

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