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Friday, February 18, 2011

Pagan Origin of Fun by James Groce


One might wish to investigate the pagan origin of the word.

The word ‘fun’ comes from the name ascribed to a heathen human sacrifice and is actually an acronym meaning; Fellow Unto Sacrifice.

The pagan priest use to sharpen his knife and exclaim, "I am about to have fun! "

Often when the day of sacrifice came due (which was a fun day) and the sacrifice was late arriving- a word would be sent to the site of the sacrifice inquiring, “Are we having fun yet?”

Once a priest lost his knife and only later remembered it was “all in fun.”

So “having fun” was not to amusing to the “fun” guy. Remember this the next time you disclose the fact that you are “having fun,” because it is truly a side-splitting ritual of hell!

-- from James Self's The Study of Pagan Stuff