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Saturday, December 5, 2015

A Call for Calm About Christmas

There is a significant demographic of Apostolics that do not celebrate Christmas. There are a range of reasons why they don't. Not all anti-Christmas advocates use the same line of reasoning. However, the two primary arguments are: 1) It's pagan. 2) It's Catholic.

In making these arguments there are strong claims made about pro-Christmas advocates participating in paganism and teaching ancient trinities. The anti crowd makes heathen charges from Jeremiah 10. Now while this all makes for powerful points, it never translates into practical participation. If the anti crowd really believes that the pro crowd is partipating in paganism, idolizing idols and teaching trinities, then why are they still fellowshipping? 

I have yet to see any of my Apostolic brethren apply this issue the way they claim to believe it. The most ardent anti advocates that I have known have preached for or preached pro advocates. It were really as pagan, heathen, and idolatrous as is claimed, then why would fellowship anyone who participated in those anti-God activities?  You see no one really practices it the way they preach it.

This is not a pro-Christmas post. It it a call to calm on both sides of the isle about this issue. I was recently involved in a social media conversation started by an anti brother. The anti advocates were making it an heaven or hell issue. Brothers and sisters, can we stop?

Whatever your view is on this issue, we be brethren. 


  1. This is very true indeed. If people truly feel that holidays are heaven or hell, then why would you allow a pagan to be in your pulpit preaching to the people you pastor. Many times I believe it is to present a super holy air. I personally don’t participate in it I don’t feel like because some participate in it they are lost. See Romans 14. Anyway great article. Lord bless.

  2. I certainly don't believe in Santa! But I'd like to hear why it's wrong that celebrate Christmas. I mean is it really that much of an issue? I've never looked into it much myself