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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Why "Calvinism My Way"?

I am frequently asked if I am a Calvinist? People also frequently make assumptions about my views based on the name of my blog. So, I am writing this blog to explain the name of my blog. I am doing this to keep from getting blogged down with always responding to this question. 

The reason for the name of my blog is because my name is John Calvin Carroll. I am not a hyper-Calvinist. I am merely expressing my views on this blog. Because John Calvin is my name, and because the views are mine, hence the name "Calvinism MY Way."

When I tell people that my name is John Calvin they often respond: "That explains a lot."

People now you know the reason behind the name. There is no conspiracy. There is no dark, hidden meaning. It is simply using my name to play on a known soteriological scheme. It really is just that simple.

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