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Monday, October 24, 2011

The Permanent Presence of Political Posturing Part 1

I know the title is cheesy, but hopefully it got your attention. We as preachers, myself included, bemoan the political posturing of Pentecost, especially among preachers. This aversion to all things political has been the driving force behind many good and bad decisions. This hatred for political power has cause men to: compromise convictions, leave organizations, change fellowships, isolate themselves and worst of all backslide.

The ironic thing about this hatred for politics, is that few things can make a man more cold, calculating and political than a hatred for politics. A perfect secular example of this is the Occupy Wall Street crowd. They have become what they protest; the spirit is the same, the agenda is just different. No one is more vitriolic than a man embittered toward an organization or fellowship.

The reality is, there will always be political power struggles in the body of Christ. Political maneuvering and manipulation will always exist. It will be a permanent reality on every level: local church, regional fellowships and organizationally. As much as we detest politics, we must come to grips with its permanency. Jesus had to deal with it in his disciples, it was in play in Corinth, it was in play through out the New Testament and will be in play through out the duration of church history.

I am not suggesting that we should sanctify it and protect it; however, I am suggesting that we accept its reality. If you do not accept this reality and you pursue an idealistic ecclesiastical climate free of political men you will die a frustrated, bitter and lonely man. We must ask God for the grace to endure.

I will suggest in part 2 that it is a positive thing...

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