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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Permanent Presence of Political Posturing Part 1b

I am writing this as a little further clarification to my first post on this topic. Many times in conversations you hear guys voice their disapproval of a fellowship or an organization on the basis that they are too political.

While being political is not the goal of the ministry/church, it is, however, a necessary and unavoidable hurdle. Political posturing in the church is like the offenses that Jesus said must come (Matthew 18:7); we should seek neither, but should allow neither to isolate us from the body of Christ.

If you are searching for a church, fellowship or organization that is free of politics, then the search is all you will ever enjoy. The church, fellowship or organization that is free of politics does not exist. We must like Paul, who as constantly under attack from the political posturing of the "super apostles" in Corinth that had become his thorn in the flesh, pray until God gives us sufficient grace.

We must also be careful that the charge against others that they are political is not a smokescreen for our own political agenda. Many times that accusation that "they" are political means "they" would not let me have may way.

I pray that God allows me to have a spirit that bears with the brethren and the body of Christ as they have so graciously done with me. I love the church and the ministry and want to help stem the tide of the rising flood waters of bitter disenchantment with the church and the ministry.

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